Parental Responsibilities toward their Children


Parental Responsibilities toward their Children
Parents’ roles and responsibilities make a difference in the attainment of quality of life in the family. If parents perform their responsibilities properly, the family can have a better life. In this light, some important responsibilities of parents are mentioned below:

1. Management of Income Sources
Income plays a vital role to acquire the quality of life in the family. Hence, parents have to expand the sources of income to fulfill the basic needs of the family. If there is a good source of income, family saving is possible which can be used at the time of the casualty. Moreover, family income can be used for education, business, and other income-generating activities.

2. Provision of Education
Parents are totally responsible to provide education to their children. Education expands the horizon of the children and makes them independent and accountable citizens in the future. It also makes them self-reliant.

3. Fulfillment of Children’ Needs
Parents have to fulfill their children’s needs. They have to protect them from hunger, insecurity, disease and respect the child’s rights. Along with the basic needs their children’s additional needs also have to be fulfilled adequately.

4. Limiting the Number of Children
The size of the family determines the quality of life of the family. Hence, parents have to limit the number of children for prosperity and productive family life. Couples can use effective family planning services for spacing and controlling births. It is also one of the important responsibilities of parents for the proper management of the family.

5. Proper Birth spacing
It is customary to say that parents are responsible for birth spacing. It is ideal to maintain a 4/5 years gap between the babies for better health of mothers and babies. It is good to keep birth spacing form economic and demographic perspective also. It helps to limit the population growth rate and undue pressure on resources.

6. Socialization of children
Socialization of children is another important responsibility of parents. The children’s social behavior is determined by what they have learned from the family. In this matter, parents can play a vital role in the process of socializing their children. Parents should support their children to adjust in the group, to maintain discipline, to follow socio-cultural norms and values. it is an invaluable asset to the successful human life.

7. Health Care of the Family Members
There is a saying that if education gone something is gone but if health is gone everything is gone. So, parents should provide overall care for their children like a balanced diet, comfortable clothes, safe drinking water, healthy environment, entertainment quality education, and health services. Apart from this, children should be given all the required vaccines on time. It helps to make their family happy and healthy.

8. Management of Healthy Family relation
Another most important responsibility of parents is to establish healthy family relationship between each other. To maintain healthy and stable family relationships, there should be mutual understanding, co-operation, trust and emotional attachment between the family members. Parents should play a key role to establish a healthy and stable relationship between the members with the fullest capacity.