Offer these 4 things to please Goddess Laxmi at Tihar


Offer these 4 things to please Goddess Laxmi at Tihar. Goddess Laxmi is worshipped during Tihar, one of the largest festival of Nepal after Dashain.

Tihar is celebrated for five days so it is also called Yamapanchak. One day, Goddess Laxmi is worshipped. To bring Goddess Lakshmi at home, it is decorated with various lights and candles. This year Laxmi Puja and Kukur Tihar are on the same day.

This year Laxmi Puja is on Kartik 10/October 27. It is believed that if Goddess Laxmi is worshipped properly on this day, poverty will be eradicated and there will be peace and happiness at the house. There is a public belief that offering such things on the day of Laxmi Puja will make Laxmi Maata happy. It is believed that offering these things to Goddess Laxmi, she will be pleased and live there.

Offer these 4 things to please Goddess Laxmi at Tihar-

1. Get up early in the morning. After getting up, go to Laxmi Temple and offer some clothes and flowers.
2. On the day of Laxmi puja, bring sugarcane in the morning and offer it in the evening during Laxmi Puja.
3. During the night of Laxmi Puja, keep nine Gomati chakras while worshipping. After its completion, place the chakras in your drawer.
4. On the evening of Laxmi Puja, offer meals and donations to the poor person at your home.

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