Nepal has tremendous potential for trade and business : Governor Nepal

Kathmandu : Nepal Rastra Bank Governor Dr Chiranjivi Nepal has asserted that one does not need to go abroad or take bribe to become rich as Nepal too has tremendous potentials for trade and business.
Unveiling the book named ‘ Asal Arthasastra’ (Good Economics)’, Governor Nepal argued that it is high time people mull about building entrepreneurship and creating jobs rather than being a job holder.
“Trade and business is all about new innovations and planning,” Nepal said, adding,” He who runs business possesses a sharp mind. Hence business should be planned from home.”
He viewed that as various laws were being formulated a favourable environment for trade and business was being created in the country.
The Governor, on the newly released book, said, “It is a must read for those who would like to study the basics and intricacies of economics.” He said it was important to hold discussions on economics at home.
Also speaking at the event, Society of Economic Journalists(SEJON) President Pushpa Acharya stressed on promoting entrepreneurship in the country for economic prosperity. He argued that the change in governance would not alone aid prosperity.
Youth entrepreneurship coach Akash Shrestha, Narottam Aryal and Nepal Stock Exchange’s Spokesperson Murari Parajuli univocally underscored the development and promotion of trade and business for nation-building. RSS

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