Human Resource Development Process


Human Resource Development Process
Human resource development is related to the individual prosperity of the manpower. It helps to make a vision to improve the role of the working staff at present and prepare for the future role. It helps to improve the relationship between the workers, to develop the culture of teamwork and to expand the sense of helping each other. indeed, human resource development is a systematic process. The following process can be adopted for the development of human resources.

1. Formulation of Manpower Planning
There should be a review of the objectives of the organization before the formulation of planning for the human resource development. Thereafter, goals and objectives need to be determined. Internal sources and strengths of the organization need to be examined and manpower recruitment planning should be done accordingly. In this framework, organizational structure for the future and human resource development planning also should be prepared in advance.

2. Manpower Strength Analysis
Working nature of an institution, types of employment available in that institution, the total number of job opportunities and their status, and existing manpower of that organization need to be analyzed. At the same time, the internal development of the organization and the need for working strategies of that organization should be given top priority. To give momentum to an organization, different aspects like a capacity building plan to disseminate the functions of the organizations including good faith in the organization also need to be included in this aspect.

3. Projection of Needed Manpower for the Future
A cross-cutting decision should be made to answer what sorts of and how much manpower is required for the organization. It is necessary to make a decision about different aspects including manpower development trends, the workload of the working staff and the budget of the organization.

4. Development of Employment Programme
It is human nature that everybody is seeking a new kind of employment opportunities. In the institution where he is and what he expects new and additional responsibilities. So, there should be an adequate employment development program in the sector of a human resource development plan.

5. Development of Training Programme
It is necessary to conduct refreshments and capacity building training for the development of skill and dexterity of employees in an organization. At the same time, there should be the provision of training programs for the new employees. Indeed, training provides additional energy to the employees and motivates them for work. So, there must be the provision of internal and external training programs for the maximum utilization of the strength of an organization in human resource development planning.