How To Be Better PUBG Player? Tips That Will Make You Pro

How To Be Better PUBG Player? Tips That Will Make You Pro

How To Be Better PUBG Player? Tips That Will Make You Pro

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle-royale played on 5 different servers across the globe. The goal of the game is to survive until the last with 99 other players (classic mode) and get as many kills as possible.

There is no doubt that PUBG is one of the best battle royale games available in the virtual market. Ever since it was introduced for the Android and iOS platforms, it has become a complete sensation with over millions of downloads. However, numerous players find it hard to get that tasty-tasty chicken dinner. If you are also facing such hassles, then check out these PUBG Tips That Will Make You Pro. Have you ever questioned yourself How To Be Better PUBG Player? Don’t worry we are here to make you a better PUBG Warrior.

How To Be Better PUBG Player?

Tips That Will Make You Pro And Get That Tasty-Tasty Chicken Dinner

1. Recoil – the most important thing is you should know what is recoil and which gun has how much recoil and how to control recoil in-game. So when we shoot the gun aim starts to spread so that’s call recoil. i will show you how much recoil has each gun. The range is from 1 to 10

UZI Best for one on one close range because UZI has the most speed.

UMP9 – Best for close range (0–250m). If you aim with UMP9 for more than 250m,  bullet will not hit the target.

Tommy – Best for 1 vs 2 close range (0–200m).because we can’t use the scope on Tommy.

Scar-L – Best for both close and long-range (0–800m). And it has less recoil and more firing speed.

M416– M416 has more damage but low firing speed and more recoil than Scar-L. So it’s your choice between scar – L and m416 I prefer Scarl over M416.

AKM – AKM is best for close range for 1 vs 3(0–50m) because AKM has most damage and low firing speed so it does not get empty that easily and it also best for if u aim while moving.

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2. Move while firing – If u really want to become good at PUBG u should learn how to fire while moving. U can do it by holding the fire button and move your finger.

How To Be Better PUBG Player?
How To Be Better PUBG Player?

3. React very quickly – You should have had quick reacting skills. If u see someone that is very close u have to fire soon as soon possible. Who shoots first always wins.

4. Take cover – Before firing for disclosing your location you should have taken cover from at least two directions, for example, stay behind a wall or stay in the house.

5. Manage Auto-pickup – Managing your auto pickup reduces the time to empty your backpack make your arrangement like it does not get full every time. For me its-

First Aid, pain killer, drink 3 each.

Smoke ann frag granade 4 each.

One 4x or 6x or 8x and one 2x or red dot.

6. Use grenades – If u saw someone and he doesn’t notice so first use a grenade to kill him it will not disclose your location

7. First, use a grenade to push – If the enemy team is in the room so it’s to use grenade first and watch out if someone jumps from the house after that u can push him if he does jump from the house.

8. STICK TOGETHER WITH YOUR TEAM – It’s better to stick together with your team bigger. The bigger the team, you will have bigger advantages.

Pro Tip On How To Be Better PUBG Player? : Never push alone

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